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China Display Optoelectronics Technology Holdings Limited

Integrated intelligent industrial base with warehousing, logistics and manufacturing information 

Investment: RMB 1 billion

Design capacity: Small-to-medium-sized LCD modules

                           120 million pieces per year

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Continue to optimize the management system

The Group has continuously optimized the management system related to social responsibility and obtained relevant certificates, including: quality management (ISO9001:2015), occupational health and safety (ISO45001:2018), environment (ISO14001:2015), toxic and harmful substances (QC080000:2017), energy (ISO50001:2018), social responsibility (SA8000:2014), etc. The following are the certificates and reports of the company's management system:

Green procurement

The Company is committed to the concept of sustainable development of green procurement. In order to reduce the environmental impact of suppliers, the Group requires partners to comply with the "QC080000:2017 Toxic and Hazardous substances Management System" standards and the requirements of laws and regulations. Partners are requested to sign the "Environmental Protection Agreement" and "Environmental Compliance Statement". Strict audits and monthly evaluations are carries out on suppliers. Meanwhile, the Group also regularly requires suppliers to provide RoHS2.0, halogen test reports and material safety data sheets (MSDS) to ensure effective assessment of environmental compliance. For incoming raw materials, the quality control department of the Group regularly conducts X-ray fluorescence spectroscopic analysis and inspection according to high, medium and low risk levels. In 2021, the Group conducted toxic and harmful substance management system audit on 16 key material suppliers, and the pass rate reached 100%, which effectively reduced the environmental risks from the supply chain.


Management of toxic and harmful substances

The Company adheres to the toxic and hazardous substance management policy of "green production, compliance with the laws and regulations", and adheres to the concept of toxic and hazardous substance monitoring: no toxic and hazardous substances are used. In 2021, the number of substances under the control of toxic and hazardous substances increased from 103 to 121, and the control requirements of California Proposition 65 were added. By the end of 2021, the Company has passed the audit of toxic and harmful substances management system of several brand customers, and there has been no accident of exceeding the standard of toxic and harmful substances.

Control from the source of raw materials, conduct component review when selecting raw materials, and do not choose raw materials with compliance risks

In addition to conducting tests, the Group study the component lists provided by suppliers to identify problems. The concept of "green production" is conveyed to the first-tier and second-tier suppliers, in order to meet the requirements of laws and regulations and customers' requirement of toxic and harmful substances.

Social welfare activities

The Company has established the "CDOT Volunteer Service Team" and has actively encouraged all employees to participate in social welfare and volunteer services. The Group has organized volunteers to participate in many public welfare services in the community, such as elderly assistance, pandemic prevention, etc. A total of more than 10 public welfare activities have been participated, with more than 100 hours of services recorded. During the pandemic period, CDOT supported the pandemic prevention work in the region through material donations, and participation in voluntary pandemic prevention services. The Group has been actively fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities.


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